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Live Dates 2015

February 1st Sunday - Bristol, The Gallimaufry - Live

March 28th Saturday - Bristol, Start The Bus - Live / General / Publishing



Live Dates 2014

June 28th Saturday - Bristol, The Christmas Steps - DJ

July 27th Sunday - Bristol, Louisiana Basement w/ The Slow Revolt - Live

August 22nd Friday - Bristol, Cavern Club w/ Birkhouse - Live

August 31st Sunday - Worcester Music Festival - Live

September 25th Thursday - Birkhouse Radio Show - DJ

October 17th Friday - Bristol, Cavern Club w/ Birkhouse - DJ

October 18th Saturday - Bristol, Start the Bus w/ Lapalux - Live

November 16th Sunday - Bristol, Start the Bus w/ Attaque - Live

November 26th Wednesday - Bristol, Canteen w/ Kayla Painter - Live

December 12th Friday - Bristol, Cavern Club, All We Need EP Launch - Live

All We Need EP (Birkhouse Recordings) (2014)

A1. Red Admiral

A2. Santee Sioux

A3. We Are

A4. Archipelago

A5. Cold Weather Warm Soul


B1. Santee Sioux (Huw Goodhead Remix)

B2. Cold Weather Warm Soul (Marx Trucker Bus Ride For A Single Swiss Mix)

B3. Archipelago (Duswunder Remix)

B4. Red Admiral (Patrick's Hungry Caterpillar Remix)

B5. We Are (Edapollo Remix)

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Tape £4

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Montpellier EP (DryCry Records) (2013)

1. Clamour

2. Bouquet

3. Ocean

4. Inside Out


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Still Life EP (DryCry Records) (2012)

1. Park

2. Coast

3. Castel

4. Wasp Factory

5. Sing


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